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We render and plaster on to any background most commonly brick, stone and flint. The background can sometimes determine the number of coats required to get the best finish.

We also install wooden laths where they are required or if existing laths are rotten and need replacing. We would always use a lime and horse hair mortar as a backing coat internally and externally for its excellent strength and would also use this on any middle coats required. Our internal plastering is finished with a very fine lime mortar coat to ensure a smooth and tidy finish whilst our external render is finished with a more course mortar which is then rubbed down leaving a more course finish. 

Like pointing, the main reason for re-plastering and re-rendering walls on older buildings is because the wrong material has been used such as a cement or gypsum plaster which is now trapping moisture inside the wall. This can lead to rotting timbers, or deterioration of the brick/stone structure underneath the render.

signs of this are-

  1. Smells of damp,

  2. Discoloration and flaking of the paint inside or out,

  3. Cracking of plaster/render,

  4. Sounds hollow if you tap the wall.

This is solved by stripping off the wrong material and applying a breathable lime render or plaster which will allow any moisture to evaporate naturally and stop any further deterioration to the structure. 

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